Kids Club

Learning Games

One way to help the very young children to learn happily at kindergarten is to let them play the fun games for learning. These games are designed to be interactive to keep the early learners' interests in learning.

Reading and Story

Young children love to read, love to listen to stories. They learn happily through reading with teachers and listening to stories told by teachers. Young children love their parents reading with them, telling stories to them.

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Bootstrap Themes

My Show

Children love to perform because they love to sing and dance. We love to support and encourage children to perform because they build confidence as they perform. Children are happy when they are confident. Parents love to watch their children perform too!

My Memory

Young children's moments at our kindergarten were captured because these are invaluable memories which should be kept forever. Children who have attended our kindergarten can now search for their memories and acquire them.


Young children can learn anywhere anytime. They will come to school everyday, and go online school when they are in school and at home. They can come to school to learn from teachers and online school, also, they can continue learning from online school when schools are closed.

Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten

Pak Hoi Kindergarten is a special place where we help the very young children to develop their brains naturally healthy. As they learn at our school, they are actually growing healthily both physically and mentally. Most importantly, children are learning happily for their growth progress at our school.